Solapur Culture

VitthalSolapur is a wonderful city in India that is perfect for living, working, visiting and even for running a business. In fact, it is because Solapur is considered to be the gateway to the south and north of India that it has an overwhelming population today.

As Solapur is an ancient land of Shiva yogi, this land has seen the flourishing of many mystic cults and spiritual places here. In addition to this, there are also many industrial houses here located in Pandharpur, Tuljapur, Gangapur and Akkalkot with the urban development that has been seen here since ages.

The basic inhabitant of Solapur is basically a person with a very high level of degree of tolerance and endurance to the challenges of day to day life. This is a person who has great capacity in working as an entrepreneur and also works professionally as a worker who faces odds of life in a bid of producing high and good results.

SidheshwarIt is the Solapur culture that has taught people to coexist within themselves and this it is this attitude in the people that has brought about prosperity to the city of Solapur. It is the hardworking Solapur culture that has developed this small town that was inhabited by lord Siddharameshwar, a shivyogi, to a city of multi-lingual, multi industrial, multi art and multi folklore catering to a population of over a million people.

You can tell that the people of Solapur are hardworking with the rising popularity of Solapur as a textile capital that is famous for its Solapuri Chadders. Solapur culture depicts a religious population where the people are proud of the religious places found in Solapur like Siddheswar Temple in Solapur and Vithoba temple in Pandhurpur.

YatraThe people of Solapur love festivals and festivities. Being traditional minded, the Siddheswar Festival is an important part of Solapur culture. This is a festival that is held every year in the month of January. This is a long festival that lasts not for a few days, but for a complete month.

However three days are special in this one month of festivities. The day before Makarasankranti is the day Solapur culture mentions the wedding of sticks. Then on the day of Makarasankranti, there is a huge homa here while the day after Makarasankranti sees people of Solapur firing fireworks.

Not only are people of Solapur very traditional, they crave entertainment too. The culture of Solapur provides the people with numerous movie theatres showing the latest movies. There are also many well maintained gardens that can be visited for relaxation and enjoyment. So on visiting Solapur, you find that the Solapur culture is really a rather pleasing and appeasing one.


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